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New Examples

Location and stability of periodic orbits in the van der Pol equation

Toby Driscoll and Hrothgar, 9th April 2014

Leja sequences and the LU factorization of a quasimatrix

Alex Townsend, 11th April 2014.

Fast convolution and the Weierstrass Approximation Theorem

Nick Trefethen, 22nd January 2014

Constrained Optimization in Chebfun

Alex Townsend, 16th January 2014

Convolution Of Probability Distributions

Nick Hale and Alex Townsend, 15th January 2014

Allen-Cahn metastability

Nick Trefethen, 25th November 2013

A Bayesian Gradebook

Toby Driscoll, 22nd November 2013

Types of isolated singularities

Hrothgar, 12th November 2013

Four bugs on a rectangle

Hrothgar, 5th November 2013

A Drowning Man and Snell's Law

Mohsin Javed, 30th October 2013

A pathological function of Weierstrass

Hrothgar, 29th October 2013

Resolution of wiggly functions

Nick Hale and Nick Trefethen, 28th October 2013

Does a chebfun of degree n have n roots?

Alex Townsend, 23rd October 2013

Approximations and Oscillation of Error

Mohsin Javed, 22nd October 2013

Maxwell Distribution -- Exercises from a Textbook

Jie Gao, 23rd September 2013

A scribble for Chebfun2

Nick Hale and Alex Townsend, 28th August 2013

A fast Chebyshev-Legendre transform

Alex Townsend and Nick Hale, 7th August 2013

Logistic map and chaos

Nick Trefethen, 17th July 2013

Uniform Distribution -- Exercises from a Textbook

Jie Gao, 5th July 2013

Fourier Transforms using Contour Integrals

Mohsin Javed, 3rd July 2013.

Beta Distribution -- Exercises from a Textbook

Jie Gao, 2nd July 2013

Chebfun2 objects on non-rectangular domains

Alex Townsend, 9th of June 2013

Sums of Infinite Series via Contour Integrals

Mohsin Javed, 31st May 2013

A new bivariate rootfinder in Chebfun2 based on Bezout resultants

Alex Townsend, 21st May 2013

Exponential Distribution -- Exercises from a Textbook

Jie Gao and Nick Trefethen, 6th May 2013

Normal Distribution -- Exercises from a Textbook

Jie Gao and Nick Trefethen, 23rd April 2013

Lorenz Attractor in the Complex Plane using RATINTERP

Marcus Webb, 10th March 2013

Analytic continuation via rational approximation

Nick Trefethen, 6th March 2013

A Bouncing Ball

Filomena Di Tommaso, February 26th, 2013


Nick Trefethen, 26th February 2013

Surfaces of revolution

Georges Klein, 4th March 2013

Computing common roots of two bivariate functions

Yuji Nakatsukasa, Vanni Noferini, and Alex Townsend, 6th February 2013

Conformal map to a square

Toby Driscoll, 28th January 2013

Koch Snowflake

Anthony Austin, 27th November 2012

Interactive Interpolation

Nick Hale, 21st November 2012

Rounding Corners by Convolution

Nick Trefethen, 20th November 2012

Rouche's Theorem

Anthony Austin, 18th November 2012

Arc length in the complex plane

Kuan Xu, 5th November 2012

Optimizing a bird's flight path

Toby Driscoll, 1st November 2012

Optimal bet-sizing and the Kelly Criterion

Mark Richardson, 24th October 2012

Newton's Method

Kuan Xu, 24th October 2012

Mean Value Theorem

Kuan Xu, 23rd October 2012

Definite and Indefinite Integrals

Nick Trefethen, 23rd October 2012

Dawson's integral

Kuan Xu, 17th October 2012

Spectral radius of the SOR iteration matrix

Nick Trefethen, 16th October 2012

Illustrating the mathematics of signal processing in Chebfun

Mohsin Javed, 24th August, 2012

Resonance exploited by Carrier and Pearson's vandal

Nick Trefethen, 12th August 2012

The Birthday Paradox

Mohsin Javed, Alex Townsend, and Nick Hale, LNT's birthday, 2012

Delta functions and derivatives

Nick Trefethen, 1st August 2012

Absolute value approximations by rationals 2

Yuji Nakatsukasa, 31st July 2012

Implicit functions and fun with contours

Stefan Güttel, 30th July 2012

Implicit functions and fun with contours

Stefan Güttel, 30th July 2012

Central Limit Theorem

Nick Trefethen and Mohsin Javed, 30th July 2012

B-splines and convolution

Nick Trefethen, 24th July 2012

Rational approximation to the exponential in a complex region

Yuji Nakatsukasa and Stefan Güttel, 23rd July 2012

Mercury-Earth minimum separation

Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet and Matthew Moye, 19th June 2012

Mercury-Earth Conjunctions

Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet and Matthew Moye, 17th June 2012

Quadrature convergence rates for differentiable functions

Nick Trefethen, 13th June 2012

Exact Chebyshev expansion coefficients of a function

Mark Richardson, 13th June 2012

Lee and Greengard ODE examples

Nick Trefethen, 12th June 2012

Restricted-denominator approximations

Stefan Güttel, 18th April 2012

Delta and Heaviside Hyperfunctions

Mohsin Javed, 17th April 2012

Encryption of a message with SCRIBBLE

Nick Trefethen, 10th April 2012

MathJax introduction

Nick Hale, 5th March 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous, 14th February 2012

The mystery of Bernoulli polynomials

Stefan Güttel, 8th February 2012

Eigenstates of the Schrödinger equation

Nick Trefethen, 25th January 2012

A parameter dependent ODE with breakpoints

Asgeir Birkisson, 25th January 2012

Singular value decomposition of compact operators: A tool for computing frequency responses of PDEs

Binh K. Lieu and Mihailo R. Jovanovic, 6th January 2012

Mercer's theorem and the Karhunen-Loeve expansion

Toby Driscoll, 20th December 2011

Generalized polynomial chaos

Toby Driscoll, 16th December 2011

Stochastic collocation for Burgers' equation

Toby Driscoll, 14th December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Stefan Güttel & Nick Hale, 13th December 2011

The nullspace of a linear operator

Nick Hale & Stefan Güttel, 12th December 2011

Resampling of random variables

Toby Driscoll, 8th December 2011

A greedy algorithm for choosing interpolation points

Nick Trefethen, 27 November 2011

Jump Conditions in BVPS

Nick Hale, 25th November 2011

Piecewise operators demo

Nick Hale, 25th November 2011

Automatic differentiation in Chebfun

Asgeir Birkisson, 16th November 2011

Orbiting around fixed stars

Nick Trefethen, 16th November 2011

Can one hear the shape of a chebfun?

Stefan Güttel, 9th November 2011

Gauss quadrature nodes and weights

Nick Hale, 8th November 2011

Stability of a thermoelastic rod

Toby Driscoll, 8th November 2011

Roots of random polynomials

Nick Trefethen, 6th November 2011

The white curves of Ortiz and Rivlin

Stefan Guettel, 2nd November 2011

Orthogonal polynomials via the Lanczos process

Pedro Gonnet, 1st November 2011

Time independent Black-Scholes with jumps

Alex Townsend, 28th October 2011

Complex roots near the real axis

Nick Trefethen, 26th October 2011

Nonstandard 'boundary' conditions

Asgeir Birkisson, 18th October 2011

An ellipse rolling around another ellipse

Nick Trefethen, 18th October 2011

Optimization of a parameterised integral

Nick Hale, 17th October 2011

Chebyshev interpolation of oscillatory entire functions

Mark Richardson, 4th October 2011

Least-squares data fitting and POLYFIT

Nick Trefethen, 1st October 2011

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