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Formatting conventions for Chebfun Examples

You can ignore all this if you wish and just send your example to However it is most helpful for us if you don't ignore it and approximately follow the formatting conventions described below.

TEMPLATE. Use this or any of the existing Examples as a template.

SPEED. Try to make your example run in 5 seconds or less.

TESTING. Run your example in both modes publish(<filename>,'latex') and open(publish(<filename>)) and make sure there are no errors and that the result looks reasonably good. We do not expect perfection.

TITLE. Begin with %% and a title, like %% Einstein Equations. Try to put the most distinctive word first so that your Example will be easily found in an alphabetized list.

YOUR NAME. Follow immediately with % Your Name, Today's date.

FILE NAME. Then put a blank line beginning %%, and a line with the file name like % (Chebfun example pde/EinsteinEquations.m). Note that we use "CamelCase" for the file names (no underscores please).

<-- MATHEMATICS. Try to avoid using LaTeX mathematical commands (enclosed in dollar signs). Unfortunately, they do not format very well in PUBLISH html mode.

BOLD FACE AND ITALICS. Similarly we tend to avoid bold face, italics, and other formatting niceties.

--> GRAPHICS. If possible an example should contain some graphics. Try to make it visually arresting (and also, of course, informative). This usually means increasing Matlab's defaults. The suggestions below often do a pretty good job of coming out well in both HTML and LaTeX modes.

LINE WIDTHS. 'linewidth',1.6 is often a good choice. We often define the abbreviation LW = 'linewidth'.

FONT SIZE. 'fontsize',16 is often good for a title, 14 for an axis label. We often define the abbreviation FS = 'fontsize'.

MARKER SIZE. This very much depends on the plot but often 'markersize',16 is good. We often define the abbreviation MS = 'markersize'.

TITLES. Please put titles on your figures. It makes your Example more accessible.

REFERENCES. Chebfun Examples are expected to be simple and appealing. They do not have to have any references at the end. However, we often include a reference or two.

Please contact us with any questions and comments.
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