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Chebfun Examples: Complex variables

Analytic continuation via rational approximation (html, PDF, M-file)
ANGLE, UNWRAP, and branches of complex chebfuns (html, PDF, M-file)
Arc length in the complex plane (html, PDF, M-file)
Conformal map to a square (html, PDF, M-file)
Delta and Heaviside Hyperfunctions (html, PDF, M-file)
Fourier Transforms using Contour Integrals (html, PDF, M-file)
A keyhole contour integral (html, PDF, M-file)
Phase Portraits (html, PDF, M-file)
Phase Portraits for Functions with Poles (html, PDF, M-file)
Rouche's Theorem (html, PDF, M-file)
Schwarz-Christoffel toolbox and Chebfun (html, PDF, M-file)
Types of isolated singularities (html, PDF, M-file)

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