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The quickest way to solve your problem with Chebfun may be to find a similar problem someone else has solved to use as a template. This page connects you to dozens of such templates, called Chebfun Examples. Each example is an M-file producing text and/or graphical output which executes, in most cases, in less than 5 seconds. You can also execute the example with Matlab's PUBLISH command to get a more informative story. Type open(publish('filename')) to see the quickest version on your screen or publish('filename','latex') for a better formatted LaTeX version, which will appear in a directory called html. The published output is also available for direct download as a pdf file.

Each example is signed by the author, and we welcome new contributions. Please send drafts to with an indication of which section they belong in. To help maintain some uniformity across the examples, please take a look at the formatting conventions. The mathematics displayed in the published HTML files on the Chebfun website is made possible by the open-source MathJax display engine.

You can search for keywords: , visit our tag cloud, or click below.

  1. Calculus
  2. Rootfinding
  3. Optimization
  4. Quadrature
  5. Linear algebra
  6. Approximation of functions
  7. Complex variables
  8. Geometry
  9. Probability and statistics
  10. Ordinary differential equations
  11. ODE eigenvalue problems
  12. Integral and integro-differential equations
  13. Partial differential equations
  14. Vector calculus
  15. Fun stuff!
  16. Chebfun2

A complete listing of the Examples can be found here, and links to recently added Examples here.

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