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Installation instructions

Chebfun Version 4.3 is compatible with MATLAB 7.8 (2009a) and above.

  1. Unzip the contents of the zip file to a directory. We suggest the name "chebfun" for this directory. Make sure to maintain the existing subdirectory structure of the zip package. (Please note: If you install into the "toolbox" subdirectory of the MATLAB program hierarchy, you will need to click the button "Update toolbox path cache" from the File/Preferences... dialog in MATLAB.)
  2. In MATLAB, add the chebfun directory to your path. This can be done by selecting "File/Set Path..." from the main or Command window menus, or with the command "pathtool". We recommend that you select the "Save" button on this dialog so that Chebfuns is on the path automatically in future MATLAB sessions. (Alternatively, you can put an "addpath" command in your startup.m file, as described in the MATLAB documentation.)
  3. A restart of MATLAB may be needed, if you want to access the user guides via the Help browser.
  4. To check whether the system appears to be working, type "chebtest" at the command window prompt. If a problem is reported, please contact with the details (including output of the "ver" command and the file "$chebfundir/chebtests/chebtest_report.txt").

Point your web browser to the guide/html directory of the chebfun installation in order to read the user guide.

Please contact us with any questions and comments.
Copyright © 2013, The University of Oxford & The Chebfun Team.